My name is Alena Gurenchuk, I live and photograph in Prague! I started to photograph when I was still young, at that time I was in Prague for the first time, I fell in love with this city at first sight. In 2011, my dream came true and I moved to Prague. Perhaps it was the beauty of Prague that helped me to realize that photography is an integral part of life for me. With pleasure I will arrange for you a photo shoot in Prague, I will show you the most interesting and mysterious streets, large squares, the surroundings of the majestic and monumental buildings of Prague. I will capture your most sincere, joyful emotions in photography, your unforgettable journey to Prague!

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Ahoj! I’m Chelsea London, a freelance documentary photographer originally from New York city, but currently living in Prague. I speak English natively (with a charming New York accent), conversational German, and high school Spanish, which you can feel free to mock.
Prior to living in Prague, I travelled full-time for nearly three years, photographing cities and the people who made those cities special. My three true loves in life are photography, travel, and sharing my love of photography and travel. I look forward to roaming the inspirational cobbled streets of Prague, capturing those moments that make your trip a memory you want to keep forever. 

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Long time ago I heard very nice quote: " If things do not work out-take another shot!" So I decided to take a shot! The concept of photography has always amazed me, and still does. The ability to capture absolutely perfect moment is something unbelievable even to think about, the skill to implement it - makes fly! I am able to do it. However the main reason I decided to become a professional photographer is the chance to keep forever the most intimate moment of our lives - wedding! For the last couple of years, I’ve traveled all over Europe and specialized in the art of the wedding photography, portrait photo sessions as well as love story photoshoots. This experience has developed me as a professional and opened my photographing skills to it's fullest potential. I 'm based in the magical city of Central Europe in Prague since 2016.

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Hello there!
My name is Eugene and I am a professional wedding and family destination photographer based in Prague.
I am keen on making pictures of people and on showing their beauty. I prefer to work in a way that I share the emotions with you, thus there is no need of taking any pose or doing unusual things during the photosession. Instead, we are going to have a great time enjoying photosession and handsome sceneries of the city. Moreover, I am personally fond of meeting people all over the world and traveling so I suggest we have a lot in common!
Looking forward to meet you!

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Hello! My name is Ivan Aristov and I am a professional photographer. Nice to meet you! I have been doing photography for about 8 years, and every year I find it more interesting (smiley) Before the Czech Republic I worked in different countries of Asia and Europe. With the help of my work as a photographer, I have the opportunity to meet and chat with interesting people from different countries. This is a great luck! The photo session takes place in a light friendly atmosphere. Only good photos, real feelings and emotions.

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My name is Jakub Adam and I am a professional wedding photographer. Photography in general is my hobby and my passion at the same time. It allows me to express myself, my views and my feelings. I am working in the field of professional photography since 2011. Shooting got me the opportunity to do what I love and thus it fulfills me, which I really appreciate. When shooting, I put emphasis on capturing unrepeatable moments and emotions. My whole life revolves around photography. I´m working with cameras and lenses from Canon, more precisely, I´m using the full-format DSLR Canon 5D mkIII, 5D mkII and L-series lenses.

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I am a freelance professional photographer based in Prague. I was born in Ukraine but already 5 years living in Czech Republic. I graduated from Art&Design Institute in Professional Photography. I am in love with Prague and people I met every day due to my job. Our photo walk will remind you meeting with friend in the new city so you will feel easy and comfortable.  It would be pleasure for me to show you the most beautiful places of Prague and catch your sincere emotions with my camera! See you soon! 

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Hi, I´m Michala, a freelance photographer and fashion designer in love with Prague! I like to take candid pics, love natural light, smiles and emotions. I know almost every corner of this magical city. I can guide you through a romantic "secret" places, cosy cafeteries. I can take you to places which are most characteristic for Prague - romantic or urban. That´s up you to decide! I´d like to talk about your preferences before the photo tour.  Let´s connect and create a great moment together!

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Hi, I'm Raifa, local Prague photographer, born in Kazakhstan. I came to Prague 10 years ago and found my second home in this amazing city. 
I love to photograph people, to capture their natural emotions, the way they express feelings, their excitement. I would like to know more about you, how you met, about your passion, your culture and place you live. It helps me to tell Your story, through my photographs.

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