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Welcome to Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is an island made up of wondrous beauty, 500 years of history, Latin music, and gastronomic delights! It’s perfect for destination weddings, family vacations, and spontaneous getaways. And as a U.S. territory it holds special appeal for Americans, requiring no passport or currency exchange!
Walk cobblestone streets, explore historic forts and museums, and see colorful Spanish colonial buildings in the old part of the capital of San Juan. Try rum tasting (and mixology!) and salsa dancing, discover street festivals and handcrafted souvenirs, and stay in one of the many luxury resorts or one of the smaller, family-run inns, or paradores, just outside the city.
Beyond San Juan there’s El Yunque National Forest where you can hike to waterfalls and mountain views, as well as Rio Camuy Cave, the pink salt flats at Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, three spectacular bioluminescent bays and 270 miles of stunning coastlines. Go surfing or scuba diving, play golf with a view, or try the second longest Zipline in the world!
For foodies, experience “pork highway” which runs through Guavate, lined with Lechoneras, outdoor restaurants serving up Lechón, a whole-pig, slow-roasted over an open fire, and amazing side dishes, as well as live music. Hang out with the locals on a Sunday.
Book one of our local photographers then get ready for a tropical escape flavored with piña coladas and mofongo, colored by turquoise waters and green mountains, and warmed by the Caribbean sun.
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


From a very young age, Diana had a passion for photography which became notorious during her commercial, artistic and conceptual photography...
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Born and raised in beautiful Puerto Rico, at age 4 I took my grandfather's Polaroid and wasted all his film on random things I found...
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I was born in Puerto Rico and my family moved to Florida when I was 5. My father kept us moving most of my life, but It turned me into a...
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