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I was born in Puerto Rico and my family moved to Florida when I was 5. My father kept us moving most of my life, but It turned me into a lover of travel! I want to see as much of the world as possible and firmly believe new experiences are much more valuable than new things. I moved back to Puerto Rico a year ago to learn explore the beauty my native country has to offer while learning about my heritage. I’ve grown to love this place I can now call home and would love to share my favorite spots and places to adventure with you.

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*Ailea is located in San Juan*




From a very young age, Diana had a passion for photography which became notorious during her commercial, artistic and conceptual photography backgrounds. she decided to exercise her experience, knowledge and aesthetic style to the world of wedding photography, opening an extremely fulfilling path to a never-ending journey. For Diana Weddings, each encounter, smile and detail is an essential part of a story and, as such, should be captured in a never-fading image to last a lifetime.

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*Diana is located in San Juan*




My name is Jafet Roman. I am a photographer based in Puerto Rico. Photography is a part of me, it is how I see the world. I am constantly thinking as a photographer. It could be the most mundane daily occurrence like sipping your favorite coffee in the morning, the first time you take a vacation as a couple or family, or your engagement, I, as a photographer, am capable of turning an experience into a tangible form of art. It is my pleasure, my goal and my responsibility, to make beautiful memories last forever.

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*Jafet is located in Caguas, and also available in San Juan*




Born and raised in beautiful Puerto Rico, at age 4 I took my grandfather's Polaroid and

wasted all his film on random things I found interesting, and since then i haven't stopped taking pictures. I specialize in portraits where it feels like I captured a beautiful moment and fine art; I love to get creative where I can. Also, I'm fueled by wanderlust, so knowing about new places, cultures and languages are my favorite things to do, so let me show you around!

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*Thania is located in Guaynabo, and also available in San Juan**