I was born and raised in Russia, but for the past 7 years I have been living in the Dominican Republic. I do my favorite thing, I photograph in different genres from wedding photos to fashion. I love to travel, photograph beautiful landscapes and emotions of people. I love Latin America and the people who live here.

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Hello! My name is Onasis, I am 31 years old, I am a photographer for years but I am so passionate about photography that it seems to start yesterday, I love what I do and I love expressing a smile and a feeling in each photo.

I discovered this passion for photography on the way to the beach when I saw those beautiful sunsets over the sea and because in Punta Cana it is very normal to see this and I decided to show it to the world with my photos.

My camera and I are the best friends, and together we enjoy every walk to the different places that our beautiful Dominican Republic has, and with the flow of tourists that comes to our city I take advantage so that they bring a beautiful memory of our beloved Punta Cana.

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Hi! I am Tatyana, I love the tropics, the positive moments and emotions of people, therefore for life and travel I choose islands. I have been living in the Dominican Republic for 8 years now, but I also visit other countries. My experience in photography is 14 years old. Tropical photos made by me - this will be your best souvenir looking for travel.

Join me.

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