My name is Daniela I’m from Quito. I’ve been a photographer for 10 years now. I love to create spontaneous moments with you and get to know you while we explore some of the most beautiful places in my city. I want you to feel like home so every time you look at your pictures you will remember not only the places but also the feeling. I’m looking forward to meet you and have a great time together.

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Hi I’m Francisco, but everyone knows me as Pancho. I had been a photographer for almost 15 years now. Street photography is one of my favorite styles, just grabbing my camera and going for a walk around the city to take pictures. I like to meet people from around the world and giving them the best experience they can have in Quito and its surroundings. Looking forward to meet you.

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I am better known as Nico, and I love photography, football and dogs. Besides this really enjoy doing street photography, as well as landscape and artistic personal projects. The thing I like the most about traveling is getting to know new people, and when people travel to my city and country, I really enjoy showing touristic as well as not very touristy places. Languages are also on my list of things I really like. I love to speak English and am very fluent with it, this has allowed me to know many people from around the world in Ecuador and in places I`ve visited.

I've been doing photography for the past 8 years and specialize as I said in landscape and artistic photography. For a living I am an industrial and graphic designer that complements everything with image and photography. I work in my own personal studio so my agenda is pretty flexible and I am always up to some photos!

I always travel with my dog Pachanga and constantly travel to the jungle and beaches that are not far from my city.

I love Quito and believe that the simple fact we are at the centre of the world makes me confident this is a very energetic loving city and would very much enjoy showing some cool people and couples around (:

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