🚙 If you wish to travel around different spots in Iceland there is a $350 USD fee for up to 150km. This does not include the photo tour time 🚙



I'm polish love and lifestyle photographer, based in Reykjavik, love to travel, I enjoy people, stories hidden behind each and every face, scent of the sea and sand between toes, hot coffee with milk, diversity of the mountains, wind in your hair, rays of the sun and nightlife in the city. My dream photo sessions are those when we go ahead with thermoses in our hands, in search of places, moments, shots…So in Your way! I can’t wait to tell Your story

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I was born and raised in Poland but at some point decided to change my life and I moved to Iceland. My first camera was from my father which was old Zenith.  Today I am in love with photography and with Iceland. This peaceful country offers pure nature - just everything at your fingertips. I love to show beautiful places near me - Reykjavik. And I can surprise you how many magical places we do have close to us. We don't need to spend many hours of driving to find something special. All is around us!

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