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My name is Aleksandra, but everyone calls me Ola as it’s a shortcut from my name in my home country, Poland. In 2017 I decided to move to one of the most beautiful countries in the world- Iceland.  Why? 
I’ve chosen Iceland as a perfect place to live because it gives me the opportunity to be close to nature and a constant flow of inspirations. It allows me to combine two of my favorite things - landscape and portrait photography. I'd like to show you why I think this country is so special! When I'm not taking pictures or traveling, you'll find me dancing on aerial silks, playing piano (or any other instrument I can find) or eating some good food. 

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I'm 21 years old from Iceland. I have lived all around in Iceland. I studied photography in Norway for two years and worked in Norway as well. I am passionate about photography, travelling and enjoying life.
I can speak Icelandic, English and Norwegian fluently. I´ve travelled around Europe and a little in the USA. I feel like everyone should have a great memory from their trip  and I would be happy to help them capture it.

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My name is Hafdís, I am a Fashion Photographer, born and raised in Iceland, Based in Reykjavík and Leeds where I am currently getting my BA degree in Fashion Photography.
As a kid I travelled a lot around Iceland as well as going on vacations across Europe. Photography, travelling and fashion are my passion as well as meeting new people and capturing amazing moments of people‘s lives. I find it extremely important to capture the moments in between photos, where people tend to forget that they are on camera, and I would love to help you capturing these moments!

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**Only available from May 15, 2019 to September 20, 2019**




I am a French photographer born in south of Spain September 1991.

After studying sales and communication with real estate as a major. I've decided to go into graphic design and visual communication. I applied for the contest exam for the Toulouse school of fine arts, and I have been refused. Considering the facts it was time for me to discover something else, I took the decision to go to New Zealand for a year in order to learn English while learning to discover myself. It was during this journey that the passion for photography ignited in me.

On my return to France, I continued the exploration of photography while working as a receptionist for a five-star hotel, then I moved to Montreal where I decided to apply for a college program in commercial photography, 15 months later I got my diploma and won the prize for the best portfolio. That same year I had participated in a contest organized by the magazine PHOTO and won a publication of one of my landscape photos.

In October 26th 2017 I won the SONY price "emerging photographer of the year 2016/2017“ with a fashion project realized in September 2017 in Iceland. In 2018 I had participated to the same contest organized by the magazine PHOTO and won a double page for a fashion project also done in Iceland, and I am now officially one of the new BRONCOLOR GEN NEXT Ambassador.

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Hi there, I’m Lisa. Storyteller, wanderlust, inveterate dreamer and incurable romantic.

I love intensely and live passionately. I am a curious person and passionate about details.

I draw my inspiration from art, film, music and nature around me. I love art, painting and sculpture, the films of Tarantino and Wes Anderson, the music of Ennio Morricone, Mumford & Sons and Sigur Rós.

I love orchids and succulents, I would like to fill my house with them.
I’m always looking for my place in the world, and finally I think I found it, I would like to move to live in Iceland. I dream of travelling around the world, even if it will take more than 80 days.
I believe in remembering the best parts of life.
My photography style is spontaneous, romantic and elegant, I enjoy living life through experiences.

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