Ana Carolina

Born and raised in Rio, I started doing photography as a hobby, shooting different places from my city, inspired by my father, who always was and still is an enthusiastic on the subject. After some specialization courses, I started working with people in front of my lenses and then I did not stop anymore. I love to capture people's special moments and put it on my photography. I really love what I do as a job!

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We are Debora and Marcos Marcondes, a couple in love with recording moments, stories, making memories of special days, and making people relive their feelings and emotions when they see the memories of a unique moment in their lives. For us, to photograph special moments is to be able to tell a story, a singular, eternal and unforgettable day in the life of someone.

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I was born in 1954 in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil at this time, where I still live up to date.
My mother was a geography teacher, and I remember that when I was very young, once she told me: there are four important things in life: to study and to have a profession, to learn languages, to travel and to photograph.
I graduated in engineering, I learned to speak three languages, English, Spanish and Hebrew, besides Portuguese logically, and I`ve been doing master up to nowdays: traveling and photographing. Am I or not a good son?
Thinking in travel is a synonymous of shooting splendid images that touch you deep inside your soul.
The passion for the nature, for the sea, for the green and the for the way people live, fascinates me in such a way that my wish  is to click everything that touches me and hence, my love for photography.
This feeling has leaded me to shoot beautiful places in Brazil and abroad.
I´ve had a privilege of being born in one of the most beautiful towns in the world, known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” (Wonderful City) – Rio de Janeiro or simply Rio.
Rio has a splendid nature and is the cultural capital of Brazil.
Shooting in Rio is the assurance that you will take for the rest of your life,  images that you will never forget and those shots,  I want to gift you during your visit to my hometown.
Welcome to Rio and count on me for everything you need.

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Since I was a teenager I used to travel and take pictures of my friends and relatives at the interesting places we went.  I studied arts and this help me to find inspirations to create poetic images. I became professional, always working with people,  portrait is my vocational subject.
Rio is my favorite town, my pictures are very spontaneous with paintings inspirations.  

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Hi, I'm Thais! I've been a portrait photographer for 6 years and I just love what I do. As a passionate photographer and traveler, I have the privilege to live in a city that perfectly integrates stunning nature with urban environment. Being able to capture a bit of your time here while showing you around is going to be a pleasure for me. I love meeting new people and learning about their culture and interests. Rio is a warm and friendly city and so am I!

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