In 2010, BlushPix began as a small Photography company in Southern California. We grew rapidly within the last 8 years to create the best photos and experience for our clients that keep them coming back for more years to come. Founder, Elizabeth Trujillo, has been shooting since she was 14 and has dedicated her life and education to take the photos that light up your soul with photos that evoke beautiful emotions.

Today, we are humbly striving to keep it personal and professional, while providing a different editing style to each and every client. We are always traveling from San Diego to Los Angeles and everywhere in between!

I cannot wait to become part of your journey, your future-self wants to see these memories.

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Hi, my name is Josh Williams. I reside in Riverside, Ca. At Age 14, I realized that I was only interested in books and magazines for the photos and told myself that photography was my passion. Here I am now, 26, living the dream, and ready to take you long for the ride!

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We are a husband and wife photography team.  We enjoy photographing visitors to Southern and Baja California and would love to meet you during your stay.  We want to welcome you and ensure that you have the best and most memorable time here.  We hope that you will choose us to help you remember your travels. También hablamos Español. ¡Bendiciones!

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