Photographer from Latvia, Riga based in Rome, Italy. I Love photography from the heart, because it's the way I express myself. Drawn to the open and honest display of emotions: I love to show people in their best mood and best thoughts. Love interesting places and choose environment which reflects person's inner world

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I'm a Brazilian photographer based in Rome. Graduated at Journalism School in 2000, I worked as a reporter for more than a decade before I finally decided to leave my notepads and pens for cameras. On the warm spring of 2011, I moved from South Brazil to Paris and since then I spend my days helping my clients to visually tell their traveling stories. When not working on an assignment, I put my cameras (and shoes) on the service of another passion: street photography.

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My name is Giulia. I’m a photographer originally from Belarus now living in Rome. When I saw Rome the first time I felt in love with this wonderful city. I would love to share with tourists their best emotions and give them some indelible memory with my camera. 

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I am a freelance photographer living in Rome for almost ten years. I do mostly portrait and event photography and occasionally some video. I work with tourists on a daily basis and it is very inspiring for me to see them explore and enjoy the city. I am in love with Rome, Italian culture and people.

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My name is Valeria and i'm a professional photographer living in Rome, Italy. My passion for photography began at a very young stage, capturing everlasting moments was something that had always had a very strong influence in my life and knowing that that could be done through a lens has always had an impact on the way I see the world.

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