Hi travelers! I’m Chloé, professional photographer and quite experimented sightseer. I had the chance to be able to travel around the world since I was a kid, but it’s really when I left alone for the first time that I realized the importance of meeting local people for a successful experience. I’ve been to restaurants in China I would never noticed if nobody told me to look there, I tasted some local food I never heard of in Burma, I’ve seen sunsets in hidden places in San Francisco...

And this, is what I’d love to offer to you. The opportunity to discover, share and learn about the city you’re in. Something special. An experience I hope you’ll never forget!

My pictures are the reflect of how I look at people. I aim to capture their true self. I want you to be able to look at the pictures and not only remember what you were up to this particular day, but also how you felt. And I hope you to feel the emotion again just by looking at the picture.

And this, would mean I’ve succeeded in my mission! I am very looking forward to meet you!

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Hello! I'm Orsolya, born in Budapest, and I've lived in the Paris region for 8 years now. I studied photojournalism and contemporary art, and I'm currently working on a PhD project in (art) history. What I like the most of being a photographer is catching natural light and spontaneous, honest moments. I enjoy meeting with new people, sharing experiences and showing around the city I live in. As I have the eye of both a foreigner and a local, I feel that we already have something in common and I am very excited to show you around. Rouen and its surroundings are very inspiring, you can find history, nature and vibrant city life as well. We can walk through the medieval streets and historical sights of Vernon including the old mill, the Bizy Castle and the Collegiate Church; visit Monet's garden in Giverny; discover Rouen, Normandy's historical capital with its galleries and restaurants or lose ourselves in its pedestrian streets and the antiques district. According to your interests, I will help you to choose the best places to document your travel experience.

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