Hi, my name is Alex, and I'm a professional travel photographer based in Santorini. I love natural light and I know all the best spots on the island, from famous landmarks to hidden gems.
I love meeting new people and showing them around our beautiful and unique island, and I want you to have great photos to take with you as memories from your vacation on Santorini.

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I was born in 1985 and I come from a two generations family of photographers, I have the experience of capturing emotions in my pictures. I specialize in artistic reportage in the field of events like weddings and portraits of celebrity people and my professional life is based in Santorini. I have worked with my clients at popular destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, Creta, London, Brighton, Lucern, Zurich, Guanzhou, Hong Kong, Bali, Istanbul, Limassol and every time it was a unique experience. I love my job ,i am living and growing up with it. Meeting people who love taking photographs and capturing the moment is an amazing feeling. We don’t stop taking photographs… Ιn conclusion, O was declared an official member of the team "Soul of Greece" and I have as a target to bring the feeling of realism in your eyes keeping the background alive forever.

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Hi everyone!

I am Georgia Michael, a lifestyle & travel photographer loving the outdoors, the sunlight and I am from the paradise island of Cyprus, birthplace of goddess of love Aphrodite.

Photography is my passion and hobby from my teenage years. I have been practicing it since then, but more intensively for the last two years. I love to make outdoor photo shoots for travellers. I am also a great traveller, a horse rider, I love dogs and nature.

My goal is to have my guests fully satisfied and my job will be adapted in your needs, interests and personality. The greatest pleasure for me is to make people happy with photos that they could look at forever and smile.

I often say to people that in the search for a photographer they should choose somebody that photography is the “melody of his/her heart”. That’s the case with me.

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Hi, my name is Marios and I am a professional photographer living in the magnificent island of Santorini. I love meeting people from all over the world and capturing beautiful & happy moments between couples, families and friends. My photography style is a combination of many different styles. I prefer natural looking photos with natural light, and I know all the beautiful spots of the island. My favorite places to take photos are Oia & Imerovigli. They are both traditional Greek-Cycladic villages with white washed houses, blue domed traditional Greek churches, picturesque alleys, beautiful balconies & rooftops with wonderful views to the Aegean sea, amazing sunsets and many more. I speak English, Italian and Greek and I am looking forward to meeting you!

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Hi! Nice to meet you.

I was born in Paris and work between Japan, Greece, and France.

I am a photographer who works in a wide range of fields from documentary photography to fashion, landscapes, portraits, architecture. The variety helps me to innovate and keep an eye open for details that we usually miss.

I will be in touch with you before the session in order to understand your vision as much as possible and have a photoshoot that suits you! We can even discuss that over a drink ;)

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Hi, I'm Panagiotis. I live in this unique volcano island. I'm a photographer and a traveler. I fell in love with this island from the first moment. I enjoy photographing the blue Aegean sea, the blue and white streets and the colorful villages. Let me capture your best moments under the bright light of this Greek island.

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I'm Beks! I'm brazilian, but I've been living in Paris since 2008. I started as traveller photographer then I decide to photograph more than my travels and I started to photograph people travelling to Paris. Now I came to Santorini, so, here I'm capturing smiles and tears of emotions from my clients in this lovely city. I have an analytical and creative way to photograph, I'm always trying to create different compositions and immortalizing through photos unforgettable moments in Santorini of my dear clients. Hope we can meet here!

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Hi, my name is Serafim or "Ser” like my friends call me. I love taking pictures of people and nature, and that's what I'm doing most of my life. I'm an expertise in portraiture and landscape photography. I can assure you are going to have the best photo moments of your travel to Greece. I'll make you feel like home, relaxed and have real fun, showing you as well the beauties and the hidden gems from a local point of view.

See you in Greece!

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