Life is full of moments; precious moments that each amount up to a sum of our own experiences...those experiences, become our lives. As a tour guide of all of Japan, and especially of Hokkaido’s hidden gems, as well as an international photographer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to partake in and physically bring to life the different memories of distinctive people. From all walks of life. As a passionate lover of nature, beauty and all its imperfections, my knowledge and eye can see what others around us can possibly miss. Having traveled to the summits Hokkaido’s volcanoes during the midst of winter, to the sandy beaches in the fiery summers of foreign lands, your experiences will remain with you for a lifetime through the right photography. If this is what you’d like to look back upon, then I am the photographer for you. I love learning from the people around me and creating their images with a style that’s perfectly suited to them and tailored to their lives.

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Hi, my name is Kouta and my nickname is Red! Photography is an art that can make you happy. A photo contains your happiness, memory, and feelings. Taking a photo can happen in a blink of an eye, yet the memories that photos capture are there forever. My photograph is that! I will pack everything you felt that moment into your photos. Welcome to Hokkaido, Japan! Hokkaido offers wonderful landscape, tasty dishes, and kind people. How about a photoshoot while traveling to Hokkaido? Together with me, let’s have time filled with happiness!

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