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Welcome to Sapporo
Sapporo is a relatively young city, with a layout more akin to New York than Tokyo and a vibe all its own. A university town, it’s comfortable in it’s own skin ⎼ sometimes a beer garden, sometimes a winter wonderland, always cool and laid back!
There are countless spots to get a bird’s eye view of this city. The observation deck in the TV Tower in the middle of the city. Or Mt. Moiwa where visitors flock at night for sweeping, twinkling city skylines. Or Okurayama ski jump. That’s right, a ski jump! Sapporo’s winters are long and the city was the host of the 1972 Winter Olympics; the ski jump a remaining part of the games’ infrastructure.
Odori Park is just one of the many outdoor spaces to visit in Sapporo, but at the center of the city, it’s also the center of many festivals and festivities. Sapporo, known for its famous beer and beer making tradition, hosts an annual summer beer garden in Odori Park. Then in winter the park transforms into the Sapporo Snow Festival with snow houses, ice sculptures, and sledding.
And no university town is complete without a serious food scene and nightlife. Two well-known public markets, Nijo Market and Curb Market, appeal to locals and visitors alike, for fresh seafood and unique ramen dishes, while Susukino District serves up bright lights and diversions after the sun goes down.
From the shrine and cherry blossoms of Maruyama Park to the celebration of Shiroi Koibito cookies in Koibito Park, Sapporo brings you all the charms of Japan with a youthful energy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Book one of our local Sapporo photographers and visit this unique city that will keep you young at heart!
Pricing starts at $295 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


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