I'm a film director and photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. I shoot mainly portraits, fashion, and kpop music videos. I am addicted to traveling and have been to over 30 countries around the world and hope to travel to many more! I really enjoy meeting new people and helping them to experience this awesome city! I'd love to connect with you and learn about you and your preferences and look forward to being a part of your amazing journey.

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Annyeong Haseyo!!! I'm Fathan, 23 years old from Indonesia but currently pursuing master degree in Seoul. I love programming, traveling and photography especially portrait photography. Let's capture your best moments while traveling in Seoul with me :)

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As an avid traveler, I love exploring the hidden, authentic sides of different countries and capturing moments that touch peoples’ lives.

I’m pleased to help my clients capture visual memories of their adventures and holidays exploring the locales in my city - all in a relaxed mood, with an unscripted and photojournalistic approach.

Native to Singapore and having lived in Seoul, I can converse fluently in English, Mandarin, and a little Korean and Cantonese.

Hope to be able to meet you here!

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*Only available from October 21, 2019 to November 8, 2019*




Hi I’m Rissa, a fashion and lifestyle photographer. I love shooting people,  fashion, travel, food and dance.  I hope to show you around beautiful Seoul. 

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*Only available on Weekends*




I am an English-speaking portrait photographer based in Seoul since 2011 and have been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years. I am a published and award-winning photographer in Korea and have won several photography awards and certificates from Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (K-MOFA) and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). My photography work has been published in Korea Times and Shutter Magazine July issue 2019 (USA). This shows my passion in photography and creating beautiful images for my lovely clients. I'd love to connect with you and learn about your preferences and look forward to being a part of your amazing journey. Let's create beautiful memories of your visit to Seoul, Korea. 

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