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Gabriele Donati is an affirmed professional photographer, whose continual and constant attention during the last 20 years renders him an artist of 360°. The continuing evolvement and updating which nowadays is fundamental in offering clients new ideas and graphical cues. 

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My name’s Giulia, born in1981, living in Siena, my hometown. I like hanging out with friends, give hugs, taking long walks, reading, and playing the drums. I love to travel, discover new places, meet people and different cultures, immerse myself in their worlds, and inevitably describe them in my own way. I’m curious and enthusiastic by nature.  I love to capture people happy memories whilst they visit my beautiful city: I know all the spots, famous or secret, romantic or urban and all the Palio history and traditions; in a small time by my refined sensitivity I share the visitors fully integrated within the city context.

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Hi, I'm Pablo.

I am an advertising person who has as passion to travel and to photograph. I traveled the world to know the diverse cultures in it. I have worked in several short and feature films as director of photography and I am currently taking the time to tell stories of people around the world.

I prefer to make natural photographs, record spontaneous and unique moments.

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