Al Tan is a full-time professional  photographer based in Singapore. This was the formative years for him to hone his craft as he experimented with lighting, shooting angles and hues to arrive at the perfect picture. A perfect picture he learnt is subjective from the viewers' perspective and only measured by the intensity of emotions it's able to invoke.

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Hola my friends! Welcome to Singapore! I'm easy going and the do-it-yourself type of guy. My pleasure to bring you to many unique spots in our beautiful and multi-racial country, sharing the heritage and immerse in local culture. I feel very happy to capture the special moments in a lot of people's lives. I'm a big fan of natural light and it's essential to talk to you before our photoshoot to know your preferences. Photography has allowed me to meet amazing people. I'm looking forward to meeting you :) 

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Hi, I’m Jaden! My passion is shooting. Not just anything but mainly emotions.
Instead of being just a photographer, let me be your friend. Tell us share about each other, have fun and laugh throughout our time together.
You then can have a better memory of this place and also meet a new friend here! (:

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Hi, I’m Kaye. I love to capture the beautiful interactions between people and their environment. Being able to bring out the joy and excitement that comes with travelling and translating them into images is why I love photography. Allow me to show you the sunny island that I call home and leave behind wonderful memories.

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