Al Tan is a full-time professional  photographer based in Singapore. This was the formative years for him to hone his craft as he experimented with lighting, shooting angles and hues to arrive at the perfect picture. A perfect picture he learnt is subjective from the viewers' perspective and only measured by the intensity of emotions it's able to invoke.

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Hola my friends! Welcome to Singapore! I'm easy going and the do-it-yourself type of guy. My pleasure to bring you to many unique spots in our beautiful and multi-racial country, sharing the heritage and immerse in local culture. I feel very happy to capture the special moments in a lot of people's lives. I'm a big fan of natural light and it's essential to talk to you before our photoshoot to know your preferences. Photography has allowed me to meet amazing people. I'm looking forward to meeting you :) 

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Hi! I am Eunice and I loveeeee capturing moments of human interaction. I especially love a photo when I can take one look at the photo and remember the feelings and the story behind that photo. Also, many a times when I travel, I wish that someone could capture the moment for me so that I can simply enjoy the moment with my friends/partner/family instead of having to capture the moment myself. So I want to do that for travellers that come to Singapore. 

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As an avid traveler, I love exploring the hidden, authentic sides of different countries and capturing moments that touch peoples’ lives.

I’m pleased to help my clients capture visual memories of their adventures and holidays exploring the locales in my city - all in a relaxed mood, with an unscripted and photojournalistic approach.

Native to Singapore and having lived in Seoul, I can converse fluently in English, Mandarin, and a little Korean and Cantonese.

Hope to be able to meet you here!

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Hi, I’m Jaden! My passion is shooting. Not just anything but mainly emotions.
Instead of being just a photographer, let me be your friend. Tell us share about each other, have fun and laugh throughout our time together.
You then can have a better memory of this place and also meet a new friend here! (:

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Hi, I’m Kaye. I love to capture the beautiful interactions between people and their environment. Being able to bring out the joy and excitement that comes with travelling and translating them into images is why I love photography. Allow me to show you the sunny island that I call home and leave behind wonderful memories.

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Hello, my name is Louisa! I am a professional photographer specializing in lifestyle and family photography. Photography for me is about creating visual stories with love and emotion. As a female photographer, I hope to bring an emotional touch to your photos. I listen to your stories of love and family to let that guide me and create photographs as memories to keep for a long time. I also aim to have a fun-filled photography session for you and your family. If this sounds like something you like, let's have a chat!

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Hey! I am Nivetha. Great that you chose Singapore as your next travel destination.I fell in Love with this country the moment I landed at Changi airport and am sure you also will go 'WOW'. Being an explorer I covered the entire country, including the tiny islands around. I would prefer to click the most natural you and the candid moments with your friends or family because I believe that is were the essence is. I love to travel and have been to many countries across the globe and always wished to have a photographer around me to capture the best moments of my life. So I think I can totally see the expectations from a tourist perspective. Though, we should discuss before the preps for the shoot to understand your requirements.

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My name is Raymond Ching, a photographer and a traveller.

Documenting events in a natural, heartfelt way and capturing moments and the essence of the person in those moments has not only defined my style of photography, but has also guided my passion and became the driving force behind what I consider my greatest obsession.

Let me be the one to capture your travel experience in Singapore.

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"They say photographs speak louder than words.” How true they are for we will not remember what is written or read, but we surely will have the photos fed in our memory for a longer time.

Hi! I am Renis, a visual storyteller and photographer based in Singapore. I love to capture the real emotion of people. Contact me if you feel connected with my work. I will capture the precious moment in your heart. See you soon!

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Hello! Welcome to Singapore. I am an independent photographer based in Singapore for the past 9 years! I find immense satisfaction in capturing the connections between people and offer portraits for individuals, couples and families in Singapore over weekends and public holidays. I love Singapore and would be happy to show you this fantastic country and be part of your journey, capturing moments you will relive over years to come. I wish you splendid travels :)

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*Only available on weekends and local public holidays*




I am from Brazil and Singapore has been my home for almost 10 years. I am specialized in portrait photography. I love travelling. My passion for photography started when trying to capture so many different places. In the past decade Singapore scenery has changed so much so I never stopped exploring it. Can’t wait to capture your experience in this modern country with beautiful parks, colorful neighborhoods and lots of culture.

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yan zhang

Hi, I am Yan! I am a professional portrait photographer. My passion is capturing the best moments and sides of people and places. My love of watercolor painting and travel inform my photographic style - I am always watching for the best light, the colors, the feeling and composition of the scenes. Let’s work together and shoot your best travels!

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I am Portraiture Photographer based in Singapore. I take pictures of people. I really like the smile behind that face. Every face has a story to tell in the form of Photography. My style is very simple; light, smile and timeless. I take every chance to make sure I use artistry to capture that emotion on each face and a smile behind. If you want to visit Singapore, let me know. I shall capture your moments.

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