Cristina is a Mediterranean person, she is in love of the sunrise, the flowers and the sea. She loves get lost in the small village and discover old places like if they were new.
She is wedding photographer and all kind of photography that shows love and happy moments, to be surrounded all the day with happy persons in happy moments makes her better person.

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Aloha! I am Olly - a spirit of adventure! As I travel, I gaze at the environment through my camera lens, and take photos of the world  visible only to me. A good photo - is when a captured image embodies the vibe of a certain moment in time, and when you look at it, you get goose bumps. As far as I can remember, photography - was my affection at all times. I grew up in Lithuania, in a Russian family, that’s how I’m a native speaker of Russian & Lithuanian languages. In 2014 I moved to Spain and fell in love with it’s nature, architecture and overall beauty, which I would be happy to share with you.

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