I am Maja, a professional photographer living in Split. I adore traveling almost like photography. I also like art, people and fashion. It would be my pleasure to make you feel comfortable making memories in my city. Historical, artistic or modern, you can choose your tour style, also in photographs. This is the city's living heart, its labyrinthine streets packed with people, bars, shops and restaurants. 





A photographer from Barcelona living in Split. Working in travel and fashion photography for international model agencies and stock photography agencies in Europe and the US. I specialize in fashion and stock photography for Getty Images in the USA, Alamy in the UK, and Prisma in Spain. I work using different natural lights, as I find it more interesting than working in a studio. Something unpredictable can happen during an outside session, making the final result more special and unique. I love to travel to find potential places for photo shoots. On my travels I also scout models for the agency Star System in Paris. I am currently putting all these experiences together to create a travel story through picture and film.

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