Anushka is a Sri Lankan  born Photographer based in Sri Lanka. He is a well-known Fashion, Travel & a Fine art Photographer & his works have published in several internationally renowned magazines/books & websites including National Geographic, Daily Mail, CameraPixo, Fstoppers to name a few. As well He is also an  Sony Alpha Ambassador in Sri Lanka.
He also work in Commercial Fashion and as a media photographer since 2005. He got many experiences in a range of photographic situations including portraits, Events & Live Concerts.

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A passion of mine has always been photography and photo editing. I love being able to capture perfect moments on camera, weather it be shooting events, sports or travel photography. After living over seas for so long I have been blessed with visiting many beautiful and photographic countries all over the world which has been a blessing for my portfolio and my soul.

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Its me Saman, born and grew up in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. I started to take photos as a hobby just like any other person but it slowly turned into an obsession that I love to do every day! I love to capture people, places and things at their best. I love traveling  as photography. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When you go to a new place, meet new friends, do things you've never done, you will find yourself totally refreshed.

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