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I was born in Russia in small city. But every year i'm dreamed of traveling. Follow my dream, i have already visited more than 30 countries, and  found Sri Lanka as one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth!  I have been professionally engaged in photography for 8 years. I realized that it was necessary to bring beautiful photos from every trip. Since such moments are unique and worth it to share them with others. And I help people keep  these memories. I also do photo by drone  and shoot 360 VR photos. 

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*Anatoly is located in Bentota*




A passion of mine has always been photography and photo editing. I love being able to capture perfect moments on camera, weather it be shooting events, sports or travel photography. After living over seas for so long I have been blessed with visiting many beautiful and photographic countries all over the world which has been a blessing for my portfolio and my soul.

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*David is located in Arugam Bay*


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Its me Saman, born and grew up in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. I started to take photos as a hobby just like any other person but it slowly turned into an obsession that I love to do every day! I love to capture people, places and things at their best. I love traveling  as photography. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When you go to a new place, meet new friends, do things you've never done, you will find yourself totally refreshed.

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*Saman is located in Kandy*




I am professional photographer and a freelance Creative Director, I love traveling and photographing food, people, places and cultures.  I believe that you should truly experience the countries that you travel and not just go sightseeing. You should eat their food, go to the local bars, hangout with locals and that is how you get to know about the places you travel. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a diverse culture, lets explore it together! 

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Hey! Love capturing your tour with the best images, Im sure I will satisfy all your Photography needs.

Im Vianney Fernando, professionally a photographer who takes a great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects.

I specialize mainly in portraits of Dance, Fashion & Travel Photography. What I believe is creativity, innovatory and exciting is the main theory behind my photography.

Numerous Commercial Events have been covered by me in a Professional Manner since ‘Twenty – 12’ – Official Photographer for Salsa Night, Zumba Shine, Kizomba, ELDA Dancesport Championships & Gala Ball and many more... Many of my works has been published on world re-owned international magazines ELLE, Travel + Leisure & Vogue and in Sri Lankan Magazine of HI & Lanka Women. Also my photographies has also been published on many of Tourism Websites.

Aim of my Photography - is every time you take a look at the photographs, you can’t help back but travel back in time to relive those wonderful moments time – to tell your story and encapsulate a living memory!

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*Vianney is located in Colombo*




I’m Warna Hasaranga Ediriweera, a professional photographer who loves traveling and music. After 28 years I found my passion “Photography” during the studies in Melbourne, Australia. After 3 months of self-studies shooting, birds, flowers and people, I learnt a lot about Photography and found my skills within. The opportunity I got was to replace the official photographer of Australian Royal Navy as a freelancer, which was bit of a challenge but I’ve done a perfect job, they said.

One I returned to my country, Sri Lanka, I have started my travel photography (Which I call as Travelography) and fashion photography. I’m a registered photographer at The National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka. I love meeting people and traveling across the country with lots of beautiful stories around. I’m a history enthusiast too. Whenever I’m with a guest, I try my best to give them a unique experience by taking them to the places which are not touristic but authentic and non-polluted. Sri Lanka is a place full of hidden beautiful attractions. I have a list of unique places discovered by myself too.

Even though English is not my native language, I use it every day at home and when I’m working. I love shooting Raw and capture the natural moments of people.

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*Warna is located in Colombo*