I'm a photographer with a great love for city walks, seasons, travel and a good meal. I've lived in many places and I'm happy to be back in Sweden's capital region. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to.  It's a very livable city & great for travel, full of gorgeous views & many outdoor as well as urban adventures. It's really a joy to do photography here.

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I'm a photographer, mother and wife with the core belief that the authentic moments in life are those that matters the most. That's why my style of photography is documentary and playful, with a hint of chocolate. Yes, there will always be chocolate in my bag for us to enjoy. I will not ask you to look at the camera and smile, but I will ask you to play and communicate and let you relax and open up and let your expressions show. I want you to look at the pictures and remember where you've been, how it looked, how it smelled and what you felt and experienced. And how the chocolate tasted.

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