Hi, I am Alex, Photographer from Stuttgart, Germany. I am 23 years old, and working in a dubbing studio in the center of Stuttgart, doing freelance-moviedirecting and photography, to collect references for study and career. My photography style is full of contrast, magic elements and fantastic backgrounds. I love it to try out new things every time, and please my customers with a extra portion of funny ideas. My Camera is a Canon 700D. Sounds small, but in the right hands this little camera can get a really great tool for creating wonderful memories. My city is not as big as LA, Berlin or Dubai, but its an old city and full of surprisings. From the cool restaurants with traditional food to the old german buildings there is much to discover for you. I hope, you can enjoy my town.

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I’m really happy you reading my bio right now. I’m a 22 girl trying to make it in the field as a fashion photographer. But not that I’m only doing fashion. I do have experience as a wedding, couple and portrait photographer as well. I love to have fun during my shoots because in this way we get the most candid and beautiful pictures. And as I travel al lot too I think I know what you will enjoy the most about my city too!

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