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Hello there! Im Stephen a 25 year old creator, born and raised in Australia but yet always drawn to travelling and moments. I have always...
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I'm Cynthia, Travelling is my heart beat, keeping memories is my life support and making people happy is my priority. As I travel, I...
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Hi I'm a photographer and filmmaker. After living in 4 different continents and many cities, I have decided to settle down in Bondi Beach. I...
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Hey, I’m an adventurous 50-year old. I regard myself as an outgoing, energetic professional photographer. I’ve been in Sydney for 30 years...
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Hello There ! I'm an Indonesian Photographer who lives in Sydney, started my photography career since 2012. I'd be happy to meet new people,...
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My experience as visual content creator extends over 30 years: I am a terrific storyteller, photographer, filmmaker and drone operator. I...
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Across her portfolio of travel, lifestyle, documentary and portrait photography, Nicola’s work speaks volumes about her love for people,...
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Hey there! I’m Anna, a photographer specialising in portrait, family and event photography. I believe in living a good story and living to...
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Toby was born and raised in London and moved to Sydney in 1999. He has made exploring Australia's most diverse and populous city a daily...
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