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Hello! I’m Ashlea, an excitable Australian who loves photography and exploring the world. I'm also known for being super-organized, having a stationery addiction, and being a tad obsessed with maps. I moved to New York City with my husband in 2015 where I now work as a freelance travel blogger and photographer. My favorite spots to shoot are DUMBO and Central Park, though I honestly love photographing any spot in my city and will take every opportunity I can get to capture more of it!

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I moved back to Sydney 2 years ago, after living in Cornwall, England. I'm a freelance photographer and I love meeting new people, photographing the unexpected and creating visual stories. I look forward to capturing your special moments!

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I am twenty one years old and based in Sydney, Australia. I was raised by two banker parents who luckily believed in creativity and fuelling curiosity, so growing up hardly anything was out of bounds. As a child and as who I am today, I am fascinated by the world around me. I want to remember everything I see, everything that happens and I photograph and I film first and foremost to makeup for the times when words fail and my memory forgets.

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Toby was born and raised in London and moved to Sydney in 1999, where he has been ever since. Having arrived as a traveller, he now calls it home, and he has made exploring Australia's most diverse and populous city a daily habit. Toby is a passionate and frequent traveller, always seeking out the more unusual places to experience. He's been taking photos all over the world for more than 20 years, and had his work published in multiple publications. He loves showing off Sydney to anyone that asks him.

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