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Welcome to Sydney
Sydney is a top destination and port that has been welcoming travelers since 1788. In fact, today millions of visitors eagerly flock to its harbor every year!
As soon as you arrive, it's easy to see why. Every which way you look is sparkling blue water, lush green spaces, busy quays, and sandy beaches. It can be challenging to know what to do first in Sydney, but no matter which direction you head or what activity you choose you won’t go wrong.
The first sight that catches most people’s attention, and is worthy of a visit, is the Sydney Opera House sitting on the end of Bennelong Point and likened to upside down shells or billowing sails.
Then, sky’s the limit! Go for a swim at famous Bondi Beach, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge (safety gear included!), have some vintage arcade fun at Luna Park, or try to catch a glimpse of Sydney’s early days at The Rock (an area of old buildings and cobblestone roads) or on Cockatoo Island.
And given the multicultural nature of Sydney, amazing food and drink is a popular pastime of visitors and locals alike. There are plenty of choices in the quays, including historic pub crawls.
To appreciate Australia’s unique flora and fauna, there’s the Royal Botanic Gardens and Taronga Zoo. Or embrace the Aussie sense of adventure and head to one of the many national parks that surround the city, like the Blue Mountains, Dharawal, or Garigal National Parks.
As soon as you arrive in Sydney you’ll be spoiled with great weather and great choices. Book one of our photographers to capture your take on this happy place.
Pricing starts at $255 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


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