Braque Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan and completed his master degree in Academy of Art University. He has been in the professional photography career for several years before studying fine art photography in Academy of Art University. Many of his photographs were published in touristic magazines, and many of his portraitures were awarded throughout his career. Now, he is making beautiful memories with people who need his photo service in Taipei, Taiwan.

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In the late 1990's I began traveling in Asia, eventually settling in Taiwan in 2003. Since then I've explored the island as a photographer producing work for the likes of Lonely Planet, Wall St Journal, various airline inflight magazines and a selection of commercial clients. I have lead large groups of photographers and tourists on photowalks throughout Taipei. I love to visit places such as Dihua St, Raohe night market, Tiger Mountain and a few secret spots that you won't find on any tourist map.

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I am a professional analogue and digital photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been working as a travel photographer for many years in Seoul, the UK and Taiwan. I am inspired by everything around me, always curious and waiting for the moment to tell a story.  I aim to capture the tones of emotion, friendship, love and striking colours of humanity. I believe that everyone has their own mood and identity - this makes every photo shoot special, I am always seeking to capture something different and unique about the person in every shoot.

I love showing people the city I now call home and documenting the atmosphere and beauty of it, enabling you to take in the classic temple architecture, tropical trees, and charming ponds. With extensive local knowledge, and a passion for exploring, I can tailor the location of the shoot to meet your needs, from iconic Taipei landmarks to hidden historical sites, and beautiful nature. I speak Korean, English, and a bit of Chinese, Japanese. Thanks!

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Hi, I’m Ricky, Indonesian photographer who has been living in Taiwan for 5 years. I love to create a photo with an evolving story because I believe this photograph will never get old. To see and feel the joy & happiness of the people I photograph is the reason I love what I am doing now. When you come to Taipei, I will bring you to local spots when you can feel “the authentic atmosphere” of Taipei city. I can speak English, Mandarin and also Bahasa. I am available on weekends and National Holiday, also ready to shoot you every day on evening time.

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Halo, Hello, 你好

My name is Setiawan Jati. I’m Indonesian who lived in Taiwan for 6.5 years. I love to shoot moments because they are priceless, as they are unrepeatable. I’ve been a photographer for 2 years. With those living and photographer experiences, I will give you the best experience of Taiwan travel & photography you will ever have. Just drop me a message to chat and I’ll respond soon. I’m mostly available on Saturday & Sunday, and ready for night session at the weekdays.

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