Dear travellers, I am Bernadett originally coming from Budapest, but living in Tel Aviv for several years already. I love to travel and meet new people. I am photographing since the age of 14. I have traveled around a world and I lived in several countries before I settled down in Israel.I am coming from a photojournalist background as that was my main subject at the university, but after I finished my studies I was more working with galleries and doing exhibition projects. Since I moved to Tel Aviv I am more interested in life style and street photography. 

I am looking forward to meet you and show you this wonderful city from the mort famous places until the small corners what only locals knows.

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Hi! I’m Daniel, I’m location hunter based in Tel Aviv. I know best spots in Israel and sure that you, as guests of the country, firstly want photos against recognizable, truly Israeli places, so I use them as best background for shots with you.

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Hello !
I'm Mariana

Freelance photographer from Russia - St-Petersburg
Currently living in Tel Aviv for 4 years
My photography experience - 9 years
Mostly private portraits, fashion, weddings, small events, Instagram contents for bloggers, etc. 

Traveling around Israel almost every day so I know many beautiful places in town :)

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I am Nitzan from Tel Aviv, Israel. I've been a professional photographer for about 10 years and I would love to take you on a tour in beautiful Tel Aviv and document your remarkable moments.

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I’m an enthusiastic traveler and I love documenting what excites me. Whether it’s a rock ’n’ roll concert, a blushing bride or the tiniest spot on a generic sidewalk.

I’m a sucker for details.

In the past decade I juggled between different genres of photography until I realized what my true passions are ñ Music and people.

I’ve worked with most of the magazines in Israel and was published abroad as well (NME, Filter magazine, Rolling Stone), traveling on assignment to the US, Germany and Spain. Good times.

You can say I’m an indie photographer. The short redheaded girl that swings through a crowd and captures the tiniest yet most important moments.

I love experiencing the world with my clients and am grateful for all the stories, hugs and smiles.

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