I'm a freelance professional photographer obsessed with natural light and traveling. I like candid, spontaneous shots, full of emotions and personality and I enjoy showing off my city to the clients, sharing its best touristy spots and the ones only known to locals. My clients know me by fun and relaxed photoshoots with lots of laughter. Visual story telling is what I love to do and can offer for you to keep as warm memories from your trip.

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Sebastiaan is my name, I love photography and film. Born in The Netherlands, The Hague, I’ve worked as a music photographer last couple of years. I have covered various artists and a variety of events.The Netherlands is a great country full with history, nice small houses and hidden places. I know a lot about four important cities: The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Delft.

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Hi! Shiddiq is here. I have been living in the Netherlands since 2016. I do enjoy taking shots of travel photography while telling some exciting stories about the city. I also like showing fellow travellers and friends to explore the hidden gem of the city. So, what’s next? Looking forward to taking beautiful shots of you, creating unforgettable trips and memory!

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