I am from a sleepy tiny coastal town on the East Coast of Australia, and now I live in the beautiful bustling city of Tokyo. Travel and photography has been my life for a very long time now and it has taken my heart and head all over the world. I live to capture honest moments, which create genuine emotions and memories that last a lifetime. Not only is it my passion to inspire the viewer with aesthetically beautiful images but to make it a trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience. I’m looking forward to creating something beautiful together.

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Six years ago I moved from Brazil to Washington D.C. and decided this was the moment to take the leap and change professions. I was a lawyer, but photography has always been my passion!

Tokyo, the city that I chose to live in, provides incredible images that are exposed in an endless confrontation between the traditional and the ultramodern, the local and the global. Here, every alley, every park, every walk, every meal explodes in contrasts, memories and sensations.

The challenge is to turn all this into photography, avoiding the obvious and always seeking the unusual, the unprecedented, the unique. Tokyo is passionate and endless. The perfect place to combine the passion for photography with the traveler's soul!

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My name is Chris and I’m a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been fortunate to pursue my passion for photography as my main job and work with many wonderful people from all walks of life.

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Hi! I am Dexy, a Japanese-Kenyan photographer who fell in love with photography and cinematography as an artist output. Before Japan, I was fortunate enough to have spent my youth in several countries such as India, Samoa, & The Philippines, connecting with the people & cultures.

Today, I’m a resident of Tokyo. I am in love with this city and would be pleased to capture your vision of Tokyo in memory that lives forever.

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Hello, I am Indonesian who currently living in Tokyo. I love to capture natural expression and emotion of people in a frame. Three years ago I built my own photography project in Indonesia focused on wedding, pre-wedding, and family portraits. I moved to Tokyo in 2018 and started to become a professional vacation photographer.

Many years of experiences in human photography make me realize that every moment is precious. To complete my love for photography, I like to explore both common attractions and hidden gems in new places. Tokyo is such a perfect combination of the exotic of Japanese traditional culture and the vibrant of modern urban life. I can’t wait to have an exciting journey with you. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera to freeze your perfect smiles and laughs.

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Since 2008, Tokyo has become my home and the place where I chase the light during the day and follow the neon signs at night exploring the largest metropolitan in the world. Let's capture your great journey and take Tokyo home with you.

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I’m Lisa and I’m from Melbourne, Australia!

 The first time I visited Tokyo I was captivated by its beauty and contrasts. Tokyo is a city of many faces and can cater to all discerning travellers. Whether you’re after grungy, neon-lit alleyways, serene and traditional temple grounds, sprawling seasonal gardens or charming, retro neighbourhoods, Tokyo has it all. And I can show you where to find them.

When I’m not taking photos I teach English to kids, and I love finding unique things to do in Tokyo and beyond. 

I’m excited to share with you the hidden faces of this city, and to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments of awe and wonder as you experience the magic of Tokyo.

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I've been quite the nomad photographer. I've captured high altitude education while documenting a University trekking course on Mount Everest, photographed the international dance music community and the world's best DJ's at Tomorrowland, and journeyed to one of the most unique fashion capitols in the world shooting both street style and cutting edge runway during Tokyo Fashion Week. I'm calling Tokyo my base of operations for 3 months and would love to help you create the best possible collection of memories you could imagine (as well as some great images to share your adventure with friends & family).

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*Only available from March, 2019 to May, 2019*




I am Maxime, a professional photographer originally from France, living in Tokyo for few years.

Since I started photography I love taking portraits of my friends and people I meet, it’s a very good way for us to remember awesome moments. Then after years, I decided to make it my work and enjoy the life of my customers with the photos we make together.

Tokyo is for me the opportunity to create pictures in the most crazy city around the world, after the years I discovered awesome locations to take portraits, and I want to share it with you. 

I hope to meet you soon.

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Energetic, friendly, knowledgable about the location are the key words I gather for me from my clients` reviews who come to Japan from all over the world. 

My romance with Tokyo started 16 years back when I first arrived here from India, but my love for camera is older than that. Capturing the essence of relationships in Tokyo’s stunning and mesmerising  surroundings in totally customized manner, fulfill my creative passion and brings me joy.

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Hello! I’m a Japanese photographer living in Tokyo. I’ve been taking pictures for more than two decides since graduating from art school in the US. My photographic subjects have always been people, and I always enjoy talking with them during the photoshoot. What I try to capture is their natural expression. Authenticity is something I always keep in mind.

Because I used to live abroad I have a strong interest in foreign cultures and people, and I enjoy introducing our unique culture to people who visit Japan. Tokyo has lots of interesting spots for a photo shoot. Let’s go and explore. I’d love to help you capture your memories during your stay.

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Ronski - I am professional photographer who specializes in Kimono photography. I am Otaku about the Kimono culture. I do lifestyle and photojournalistic photography in Tokyo.  My style is to take a lot of candid shots of my clients combined with a few posed shots.

I have a background in Photography, Film and worked as a Fashion Designer as well in NYC. Now, Tokyo is my new favorite city where I have been based for more than a decade.

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Hello I’m Rovi, A Filipino Professional photographer based here in Tokyo. Being a photographer for almost all my life, it is my greatest passion to capture raw emotions from people all over the world. My style is more relaxed and upbeat, because I believe that travelling should be filled with happy memories.

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This is Runnel. I’m a photographer based in Tokyo Japan, specializing in lifestyle and street photography. I create true to life photographs.

Born and raised in the Philippines, 100 percent Filipino. In my twenties, I moved in Singapore to work and had lived there until 2016. I am blessed to meet an amazing Japanese woman whom the reason why I moved in Japan. Now we are married and currently living in the beautiful city of Tokyo with our son.

Photography is where I can express myself and be part of other people’s life. I find it fascinating to meet new faces, knowing their story and taking part in creating their memories. This is what I learned being a photographer, each moment creates a unique memory. It passes by in a flick of a finger and comes only once in a life time. As a photographer it is my responsibility to capture those moments as natural as possible, true to life! Preserving raw emotion, Immortalizing them in the form of photographs.

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I’m a 26 years old Global trotter from Germany, I have lived in the UK and Australia, and now I am fortunate enough to call my favourite city in the world, my home. I have been taking photos since I can think of, always capturing special moments most people would overlook. Tokyo with its collision of neon futurism, traditional roots, and enigmatic citizens, makes it one of the most photogenic city in world. It is rich in traditional values but saturated in a futuristic atmosphere.

Apart from photographing, I am a Master candidate here in Tokyo, experiencing and learning the culture and city from a different angle. So instead of taking standard vacation pictures, I would love to capture your candid emotions and adventures while you discover the secrets of Tokyo’s corners. 

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Simon Bonny is experienced working as a photographer and has worked in many different areas including shoots for magazines, corporate clients, public events & concerts, real estate, weddings, family portraits and many more. He has spent many years working in both Australia and Japan, and has good communication skills in both languages.

He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan working as a freelance Photographer.

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