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Welcome to Tokyo
Tokyo, the ideal place to find community and tradition within a modern, vibrant city.
Thirty-eight million people energize Tokyo’s 23 wards, each with its own delights. From high fashion to temples, highrises to neighborhood fish markets, robot sushi bars to alleyway izakaya (those hidden local pubs), you’ll find yourself enchanted by the possibilities of this city, its people, and their history.
To get a sense of this neon-lit metropolis, start at the top of Tokyo Tower, built to resemble the Eiffel Tower. From this vantage point, spot peaceful Buddhist temples and green spaces among the towering architecture of the city. The tower also offers a superb view of serene snow-capped Mt. Fuji in the distance, a great day-trip option from Tokyo.
Use the ultra efficient Tokyo subway system to be whisked from ward to ward. Popping up at your destination, you can experience sumo wrestling in Ryōgoku District, see the royal residence in the Imperial Palace District, or shop wild fashions in Harajuku District. Clean and always on time, this is your go-to transportation option.
Once in a neighborhood, make time to walk. Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world. Walking, you’ll round corners to discover traditional Shinto Shrines, beautiful Japanese gardens, local shops, smiles and generosity.
Visit the first two weeks in April for the cherry blossom festival, or Hanami, when even the busiest residents pause to celebrate the return of spring as the national flower blooms in delicate pinks and whites.
Tokyo is a delightful cocktail that mixes thousands of years of history with 21st century style. Brush up on your sushi etiquette, learn a few helpful Japanese phrases, and book your Tokyo photographer now!
Pricing starts at $295 USD for a one-hour photoshoot


Thank you for checking my portfolio I'm usually available for shoot afternoon I was born in Japan and brought up in Japan. It is my...
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Hello! My name is Tasha, an Indonesian living in Tokyo, Japan. I've been living in Japan for 2 years. In these past 2 years I’ve worked as...
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Energetic, friendly, knowledgable about the location are the key words I gather for me from my clients` reviews who come to Japan from all...
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Hello, my name is Eliana. I’m half Japanese half Brazilian living in Shonan, a beautiful beach area near Tokyo. Photography is my passion...
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Hideki 'Dexy'

Hi! I am Dexy, a Japanese-Kenyan photographer who fell in love with photography and cinematography as an artist output. Before Japan, I was...
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Hi! I’m Ukrainian fashion and portrait photographer based in Tokyo. Now working with magazines, brands but also loving just take happy...
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🙃 Hi! I’m Kan. I focus on bringing out the beauty of real people in real life settings. My style is plandid - somewhat planned but still...
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