I am from a sleepy tiny coastal town on the East Coast of Australia, and now I live in the beautiful bustling city of Tokyo. Travel and photography has been my life for a very long time now and it has taken my heart and head all over the world. I live to capture honest moments, which create genuine emotions and memories that last a lifetime. Not only is it my passion to inspire the viewer with aesthetically beautiful images but to make it a trip of a lifetime and an unforgettable experience. I’m looking forward to creating something beautiful together.

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My name is Chris and I’m a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been fortunate to pursue my passion for photography as my main job and work with many wonderful people from all walks of life.

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Hi! I am Dexy, a Japanese-Kenyan photographer who fell in love with photography and cinematography as an artist output. Before Japan, I was fortunate enough to have spent my youth in several countries such as India, Samoa, & The Philippines, connecting with the people & cultures.

Today, I’m a resident of Tokyo. I am in love with this city and would be pleased to capture your vision of Tokyo in memory that lives forever.

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Since 2008, Tokyo has become my home and the place where I chase the light during the day and follow the neon signs at night exploring the largest metropolitan in the world. Let's capture your great journey and take Tokyo home with you.

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Hello my name is San, I am a professional photographer based in Tokyo Japan. Originally from South Korea but I've been calling Tokyo my home for 10 years. I'm very excited to show you around Tokyo and capture the best memories! 

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Hi, Welcome to Japan! I am Sho, a freelance photographer based in Tokyo.
I was born in Nagasaki, and I grew up in the U.S. when I was a child. After I came back to Japan in high school, I have been living mostly in and around Tokyo.
I love to communicate with people, and I am passionate about taking photos of people’s lives ad smiles. If you like the style of my photos, I’d love to take part in your trip and capture the moment of your trip! If you wish to have a suggestion on your trip, just feel free to contact me. If the communication is in either English or Japanese, the language should not be an issue.
I am very much looking forward to be shooting your trip!

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