I was born in Indonesia and started a new life in Canada at the age of 14. Pursuing a degree in I.T Security (Yes, far from photography, you don’t have to tell me that). I've always been passionate about photography since I was a little kid. I started out as a street photographer, and now I specialize in portrait/lifestyle and going into travel photojournalism.  I love every single little thing about Toronto. From the small shops and alleyways to its natural wonders and architecture. I'm open-minded and like to get to know you as friends rather than just "Another client".

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A resident of Toronto for 30 years, Jeremy has continually explored and embraced the best of the city—he actually met the love of his life on a subway platform. He has been shooting professionally for over 10 years, and prefers getting people away from the studio, where they can let their true selves shine in an informal setting. As a freelance portrait and event photographer, Jeremy loves meeting new people and sharing his love of honest images and real moments. 

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Hi! I am a fashion, portrait and lifestyle photography based in Toronto. I have been a professional photographer since 2014 but have been taking photos all my life. I am excited to capture your adventures and show you around the city I love so much.

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Hello! My name is Kassandra, I live in Toronto and love my city. I started photography when I was 16 years old mainly taking photos of nature and landscape. My passion grew into taking photos of people, and I have been a lifestyle and portrait photographer for five years. I look forward to meeting you, showing you around Toronto, and capturing your memories.

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**Fully booked from Nov 9 to Dec 14, 2018**




A Toronto-born portrait & lifestyle photographer and videographer, Kayla loves exploring the hidden details in each city she visits. With a degree in Film & Media and certifications in Image Arts and Early Childhood Education, she especially loves capturing children, couples and special family moments. Kayla has spent many years leading photography tours throughout Europe and enjoys seeing the world through her subjects’ eyes. 

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Congrats on choosing Toronto as your travel destination. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and has so much to offer.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to show you why I love to work and explore Toronto.

Technical and artistic are words I use to describe myself. Photography has been a life long passion starting with 35mm film and my home darkroom. I strive to create the perfect photograph technically, then balance it artistically with a pleasing colour and composition.

Narrative portraiture is my specialty and I love telling your stories. Stories of happiness, joy, excitement and even the sad ones.

I love capturing the special moments and the quiet moments. The moments that you and generations after you will cherish, ensuring the special moments of your life are remembered.

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Hello, my name is Khadeja Reid; I graduated from Humber College in 2018. I have been working on photography for over two years. I am a beauty, fashion and portrait photographer based in Toronto.  I'm born and raised in Canada and photography started for me when I was eight years old.  I took outdoor photos of scenery in different locations.  Then moving forward my preference begins to change when I started college and gradually decided to take pictures of people. I also gained a lot of experience by making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. However, I enjoy creating new ideas and being creative every time I go out and capture my images.

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