My name is Mayte and my two passions are Tourism and Photography. I have a Degree in Tourism Management and also in Photography, that´s why I have an intimate knowledge of Valencia city through my artistic vision and experience to bring a fresh and passionate focus to my work and composition for you. I work closely with people to ensure that I fully understand their needs to allow me to realize your ideas and expectations and maintain a high level of satisfaction. I will show the best of you with my camera in my city. We´ll have a great time! 

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Hi, I am Paolo, Italian photographer based in Valencia, Spain. I specialize in shooting weddings, portraits, families and youngsters. Since I was five I always dreamt of living by the sea and here I am. Now I wouldn’t be able to live anywhere but near the seaside. I am a curios person, I love to connect with people. Photography to me is a form to express myself and transmit people’s emotions through images. I always seek the most spontaneous and natural moments while shooting a picture. As I always say “If my pictures makes you feel something, I am on the right path”. Thanks. 

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Hi, Im Paul, a photographer living in Valencia. Every shoot here is a chance for an adventure, from the charming lanes full of cafes and markets in El Carmen to the stunning futuristic architecture of The City of Arts and Sciences. If the sun is shining (the sun is always shining) we could also head to the beach and a wander around the yachts in the harbour. I look forward to meeting you and capturing beautiful memories from your trip to Valencia.

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