I was born in Valencia, Spain. Second of four children. I consider myself a sincere human being. Love truly things and spontaneity. Always passionate about creative processes like photography or writing. Must confess that I enjoy almost every minute of my work, so I am really grateful to do what I like most. My photographic style is photojournalistic. To be as invisible as possible. So, I can be witness of the moment without diminishing its naturally.

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My name is Mayte and my two passions are Tourism and Photography. I have a Degree in Tourism Management and also in Photography, that´s why I have an intimate knowledge of Valencia city through my artistic vision and experience to bring a fresh and passionate focus to my work and composition for you. I work closely with people to ensure that I fully understand their needs to allow me to realize your ideas and expectations and maintain a high level of satisfaction. I will show the best of you with my camera in my city. We´ll have a great time! 

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Hi, I am Paolo, Italian photographer based in Valencia, Spain. I specialize in shooting weddings, portraits, families and youngsters. Since I was five I always dreamt of living by the sea and here I am. Now I wouldn’t be able to live anywhere but near the seaside. I am a curios person, I love to connect with people. Photography to me is a form to express myself and transmit people’s emotions through images. I always seek the most spontaneous and natural moments while shooting a picture. As I always say “If my pictures makes you feel something, I am on the right path”. Thanks. 

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