Hi, I ’m avid traveller and photographer who loves discovering new places. I enjoy street photography, the spontaneous moment, photographing strangers and charming architecture. Most of all i love meeting new people while showing you around some of t he most charming places in Malta. I am a visual storyteller with a personal style. On each photoshoot, I aim to chase and harness natural light and strive for clean composition. I believe in staying true to my style by capturing the essence of who you truly are.

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Hello traveler! I am a Spanish photographer based in Malta (a little tiny and fascinating floating rock lost in the Mediterranean Sea), as an experienced traveler myself I am aware how challenged can be immersing yourself in a new culture, while trying to capture those exciting moments to keep in perpetuity as visual memories. After living in Singapore for two years and traveling around Asia for another one I have decided to return to the Old Europe and rediscover the most extraordinary gems. Allow me to share with you the reasons that have made of Malta the picturesque scenery of countless blockbuster movies.

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Recently graduated in the digital fine arts, I love shooting people in their environment as much as I love art. I am a local living on the lovely island of Malta and know the archipelago of the three islands really well including top sights as well as off the beaten trek areas. I am a lover of life and all things beautiful. I find beauty in the mundane and especially love L.o.v.e. I adore my country because it offers sunshine most of the year, we have rich cultural heritage as well as lovely beaches all around. Book a session with me if you are after spontaneity, good locations and a couple of laughs too!

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