Born on June 25, 1981, I have always had an inclination for photography and visual art in general, it is not until, while I was studying Law Degree in 2000, that I began to have access to computers that introduced me to the world of video and photography and thanks to the internet access I had in my career and my knowledge of language I could begin to study with materials that came down from the network, that is, self-taught. In 2006, my uncle Zoilo Vaillant, who lives in the USA, gave me a video camera that took pictures and that's where everything started. I have obtained several awards doing Video Dance, Documentaries, Video Clips, some important and others not so much. Since 2014 I am doing social events, weddings, commitments, proposals and events in general, which has allowed me to gain experience. I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on my island, Varadero, I love helping travelers to keep their memories in this paradise of sun and beach.

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***Please note our 48hr photo delivery policy doesn't apply to our Cuba photo tours due to the restrictions on internet connection.
Photo delivery is expected to be from 1-2 weeks after but may be delayed***