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I am Alice, a photographer based in Venice. I am a natural light seeker, a dreamer, and a traveller. I love to meet people, share amazing moment with them, and found the light they have inside, specially the one between people in love. I love to capture real, romantic, funny and happy moments.  Let’s meet up and create together your story in one of the most magical cities in the world !

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Hi, I'm Julia. I'm originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, now living in Venice, Italy. I like to express emotions in my pictures. I try to combine the traditional approach with creative photojournalism, not forgetting portraits. The most important thing in photojournalistic lifestyle photography is to capture the moment, to feel the emotions of people and to express them. Sometimes I direct people, but sometimes they direct my camera and me.

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I'm a photographer based in Venice, Italy. Photography is my biggest passion. We'll make a trip through real emotions enjoying each moment! Usually I suggest to make one part of the shooting on the main square of the city-it's St Mark's Square and the second one on the small narrow streets with picturesque bridges and small canals at the authentic part of Venice. We will go to the hidden parts of the city where you could feel the real venetian atmosphere.

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I'm a photographer and I like to tell stories. I see the world through my camera and I try to give back what I see enriched with emotions. Life always manages to surprise me and give me great emotions. I like to learn new things, meet new people and discover new places. I love art, music, reading a good book and good food. Take long walks in nature charging me of energy and, of course, photography, tell stories through my pictures. I have a degree in Architecture and my studies have been mainly artistics. During my career I've learned from great masters of photography, one of all Nino Migliori. I share my knowledge in photography courses and I am in charge of the Sala Fenice, a photographic exhibitions hall. 

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