Ciao, I'm Bea a professional fun and energetic photographer based in Venice. I'm an aesthete, a traveler and a life enthusiast. My style is romantic and natural, poetic and creative, blending artistic imagery with stylish documentary. I love capturing your journey and in within the limited time we have I would like to send you a wonderful set of photos that will make your vacation memorable.

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Well, I am Grace a crazy 80s child.  With a little story to tell. My happiness comes from a good coffee in the morning, new stamps on my passport, and days spent watching the sea. I am inspired by irony, music and stories of life. Photography is a piece of what i am, just as my right arm, my legs and my eyes.   It fits me, feeds me and inspires me. Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most – it was like walking right into what I was created to do, only I had no idea that’s what I was heading into. I firmly believe each person was created to use their specific abilities and passions to bless others, and I am certain this is mine.  

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Hi, I'm Julia. I'm originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, now living in Venice, Italy. I like to express emotions in my pictures. I try to combine the traditional approach with creative photojournalism, not forgetting portraits. The most important thing in photojournalistic lifestyle photography is to capture the moment, to feel the emotions of people and to express them. Sometimes I direct people, but sometimes they direct my camera and me.

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I'm a photographer based in Venice, Italy. Photography is my biggest passion. We'll make a trip through real emotions enjoying each moment! Usually I suggest to make one part of the shooting on the main square of the city-it's St Mark's Square and the second one on the small narrow streets with picturesque bridges and small canals at the authentic part of Venice. We will go to the hidden parts of the city where you could feel the real venetian atmosphere.

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Ciao. Here it is Luca!

I'm a professional since 1994. My studio lead a team of world-class photographers who have won all the most important international awards, such as World Press Photo, Sony World Photography Awards, and many others.

I define myself as a storyteller. My goal is to tell fairy tales with images, even without a text.

I well know Venice, my wife is Venetian, so I can introduce you in the "secrets" of the city, taking very representative spots away from too crowded tourist routes.

You can book with me a common photoshoot of one or two hours but, please, notice that Venice does not allow fast changes of positions due to the canals, bridges and architectural barriers: the most interesting spots are not close. So you can have more than a photoshoot, discovering the Serenissima with me while taking pictures, but for this, I'll recommend you at least a three hours service.

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Hi, I'm Pablo.

I am an advertising person who has as passion to travel and to photograph. I traveled the world to know the diverse cultures in it. I have worked in several short and feature films as director of photography and I am currently taking the time to tell stories of people around the world.

I prefer to make natural photographs, record spontaneous and unique moments.

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I appreciate photography as art and expression. I like to photograph lightly, capturing the essence of simple and spontaneous moments. I see the cities and their landscapes as the perfect background to compose with my models and turn them into their most beautiful memories.

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I came to live in Italy for love, and I didn’t know I would fall in love with Venice now this has been my home for 12 years and counting. Graduated in Fashion Design with a strong passion for photography, after several years as a hobby my passion started to become little by little a profession, and now I find my self juggling motherhood and a freelance activity that let’s me help support my family. For me it will be an honor to be a parto of your trip, to be able to witness and freeze in an image the joy of your family and to have fun together while I show you one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am fluent in english, spanish and italian.
Come see Venice with me.

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Hey there! I'm Silvia, born in 1992 in Bergamo, not so far from Milano, but currently living in Venezia. I've studied European languages during high school (English, French and Spanish) and Japanese language and culture at university. Languages, cultures and travelling are one of my passions (including writing, reading, food and wine, dogs) but photography has always been the first one, since I was 15 years old. I love to capture every single moment of my life because every small beautiful thing is worth to remember. That's what I want to give to my clients, a long lasting memory of their holiday and their happiness. My photography style is candid and bright, I love natural poses and genuine smiles.

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