Every morning I wake up in Verona, Italy (except when I am travelling!).  I am in love with love, life, voyages, food and wine of course!  I am fascinated by people and their true stories. I am inspired by new places. I am passionate about the imperfect aspects of life. My muse is cradled by love and every manifestation of beauty, by simple complexities of everyday life and, naturally, by feminine sensibility. My goal is to capture the magic of what we represent in the most authentic way – faithfully, honestly and joyfully.  I long for a perfect combination of timeless elegance and fresh style.

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Hi, I'm Pablo.

I am an advertising person who has as passion to travel and to photograph. I traveled the world to know the diverse cultures in it. I have worked in several short and feature films as director of photography and I am currently taking the time to tell stories of people around the world.

I prefer to make natural photographs, record spontaneous and unique moments.

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