My name is Isa and I am an Austrian-French photographer. I love to travel and have lived in South Africa and London before returning to my native Vienna. Since I like to try out new things on a regular basis, my background is quite diverse ranging from a degree in textile art as well as bio technology. Also in my photography, I am always eager to explore new places. Photographing people is therefore my favorite genre because every encounter is unique. 

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Hi, my Name is Kris, I was born in the Philippines and my family has migrated to Vienna and eventually have my own family here in Vienna too. I'm a mom photographer who loves to capture natural emotions and the story without a filter. I love capturing candid shots that tell a story and freeze the moment to keep your memories. I'm passionate about Documentary Photography, I believe every picture is a piece of an art. It has its own story and it will be shown to every picture that has taken through candid shots. 

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