Though photography was always in my life, getting involved in extreme sports was the point of no return. I fell in love with action and adventure photography. The quest of finding and capturing the ideal moment, the movement and action itself, the flash of emotion, the tick of fear defeated, the technical precision, the spark of success – all these things excite me in my work. Shooting extreme sports taught me to capture the best possible moment and the most natural emotion, find the most interesting background and work in the natural light environment...These skills are very useful in travel, family, couples photography and I enjoy applying them to get spectacular pictures in simple environment.

10 years of practice in travel, event, action and adventure photography. Same time of close friendship with Photoshop. I have traveled to more than 40 countries in total. Lived for longer period of time in 10 countries over 5 continents. And I love to share that knowledge as well as magic of photography with my customers! 

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I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011 and I love what I do. I discovered my love for photography already as a teenager during my travels (which I also love doing). Luckily I’ve been to a lot of places, so I know what it is to be a traveler in a foreign city and what one wants to see and experience. I’d be more than happy to guide you around Vienna and show you secret beautiful places. From all the places I’ve been to, Vienna is still my favorite city. It’s also the place I was born and where I’ve lived ever since.

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Born in Slovakia, studied in Czech Republic, spent a few summers working in Spain. She loves writing but finds it absolutely impossible to put a few sentences together about herself and not feel weird. She also loves photography, good books, long walks, coffee (and more coffee yet), traveling and meeting people from all over the world. She hopes to find her secret super power in healthy baking. She’ll be happy to meet you in the streets of her favorite towns and become your personal photographer and local guide. She’s always on the mission to make you the beautiful candid pictures you’ve been secretly dreaming about but were reluctant to take, worried you’d look horribly. You won’t. I, eh, she promises!

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I am French and living in Vienna for 10 years now. I have been working in music and cinematographic industry for 15 years. This helped me to learn a lot about different human natures and become very attentive to emotions and needs of an individual. I was studying art and architecture and fell in love with photography for a long time. My passion is street, documentary and lifestyle photography. The fact that I lived in 4 different countries has inspired me to explore endlessly.  Except French I speak English, languages of ex Yugoslavia, bit of German and I understand Russian and bit of Greek.

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I really love to meet new people, to travel and of course weddings. I was fortunate to often put all of this together thanks to my passion photography. There are few really “IMPORTANT” things to know about me:

I was born In Ukraine. 
I lived in Germany for few years and for 2 years moved to Vienna.
I’m fluent in English and German, Russia and Ukraine.
I love good food, espresso coffee, sun and the sea.

I will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera!

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Hi, my Name is Kris, I was born in the Philippines and my family has migrated to Vienna and eventually have my own family here in Vienna too. I'm a mom photographer who loves to capture natural emotions and the story without a filter. I love capturing candid shots that tell a story and freeze the moment to keep your memories. I'm passionate about Documentary Photography, I believe every picture is a piece of an art. It has its own story and it will be shown to every picture that has taken through candid shots. 

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