I was born in Brazil. I did my graduation in acting. I worked as an actress. I traveled a lot. I had my daughter.  I lived in many Countries - Brazil, Portugal, Australia, and The US. I built a new career, as a photographer. Today I love living and taking photos in the beautiful Wellington –NZ.

All these experiences showed how life can be interesting and full of colors. 

I love the contact with people. I love being part of the fun times. And even more: I love being responsible for making moments of joy, eternal.

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My name is Maleah, I'm 29 and was raised in Las Vegas. I've always loved photography and started out as a model when I was 18, but as I got older I realized I enjoyed being behind the camera much more. After years of photography just being a hobby, and a trip around the world I decided to pursue photography as a career, and now I do all sorts of photography- travel, lifestyle, portrait, weddings, boudoir, family, etc! I really love it all! But it's pretty special getting to take tourists around the city & show them some of the beautiful places that are making Wellington so wonderful from my view.

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Japanese photographer currently living in Wellington. Wasa is passionate about taking photos especially the happy moments of life in their most candid form. Candid photos are his favorite form of photo because people always have great expressions that are ever changing from moment to moment. It is Wasao's belief that by photographing those special moments in life he can bring joy and happiness to his clients.

He looks forward to working with you.

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