Photos are like a time machine. Some say that time travel is not possible, but I truly believe that captured moments of life can give endless possibilities to revisit places, emotions, events, people, memories. This may help to rethink or create totally new experiences for you.

I'm making photos for almost 10 years now and I really enjoy helping out people to bend the time and to capture vibrant sides of their life through the vivid and crisp pictures.

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Hello, I'm Patricia, an alternative photography from Helsinki. I have dabbled in photography for more than 5 years and I take pride in helping you get the most out of your session. Think of me as a biographer telling the story of your travels through photos. I want to freeze the substantial moments for you to look back on with your loved ones. You can enjoy your day as you would and let me handle all the technical aspect of getting great photos. I'd love to meet you and find out what kind of preference you have for your session. When I'm not honing my photography skills, you can find me snuggling in a pile of cats and dogs at home or programming softwares for people who want to change the world! 

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I am a 21 years old traveler, artist, photographer, student and just a creative, happy and open-minded person with Swedish-Russian background, born and living currently in Helsinki, Finland.
I’ve been photographing for around 10 years now (I know, I started pretty early), learning everything by myself or with a help of my professional photographers-friends.
The most important thing in photography for me is capturing a moment and saving the memories that are important, making people around me happy and create a great experience and good mood.

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I am young enthusiastic photographer now based in Helsinki area.  I have achieved my photography skills through self studying. Later I took a photography course in UK. The best in my work is to meet new people and to notice beauty in everything.
Helsinki surroundings has a lot to offer for travelers.
The best images comes when people are doing something fun and then forget that they are been photograph. That is why when doing a photoshoot together, we will do something fun and relaxing!
Welcome to Finland, and see you soon!

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